This is the home of ‘The Intellectuals’, a sci-fi romance series set in modern day Tokyo. This website will serve as a wikipedia for the series and information will be updated on a regular basis.

The first book of the series ‘Felix Martin, Here I come!’ is available on Wattpad. It will be updated weekly starting on Nov 1, 2019.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/user/aviyacarmen

Have a pleasant read and I hope to see you again soon!

 The Intellectuals Series


At Felix Martin University, time-traveling is not a mere postulation. In fact, some of your classmates could be from the future. 

Mark is on his first mission as a Protégé to the not so distant past. The year is 2019 and the location is Tokyo. He is disguised as a first year student at Felix Martin University, a world renowned University for medical sciences. And his target is a cute and hardworking girl, Lori, who happens to share all his class. Will he be able to win her trust so that she would reveal her secret?

Lori struggles with the heavy workload as she tries her best to fit in at this privileged international University. She’s so focused on getting on good grades in order to get into grad school that dating has never crossed her mind. Well, that is, until she met the seemingly rude and irresponsible, but dauntingly handsome Alan.


About the Author

Aviya Carmen is a hobby author whose dream is to become a pro one day. She loves making up fantastical worlds where all possibilities abound. Her writing is light and whimsical so her readers can relax while reading. She also likes to make sketches of her characters to help her readers visualise how they look. She’s a big fan of anime and manga, and Japanese culture. 🙂

To learn more about her other works, visit: http://www.aviyacarmen.com.



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