Lori Xin – First year student at Felix Martin University. Her dream is to become a scientist.

Ian Xin – Lori’s younger brother. Plays basketball on his high school team, The Black Tigers. Hopes to become a professional basketball player.

Lori’s dad – He runs a small convenience store with his wife. Works long hours.

Lori’s mom – She runs a small convenience store with her husband.

Hero – Lori’s beloved pet cat. He’s overweight and lazy, but very handsome. He has baby-blue eyes.

Michael Innis– Ian’s friend from school and basketball mate. Captain of the Black Tiger’s basketball team.

Cody Banks – Ian’s friend and basketball mate. Co-captain of the Black Tiger’s basketball team.

Mark Winfield – Lori’s classmate and class clown. He’s on his first mission from the future.

Mateo Ishii (石井真禎和) – First year student at Felix Martin University. Very bright student and very good at karate. He becomes friends with Mark on the first day of school.

Yuuto Ishii (石井勇人) – Mateo’s father. He runs a Japanese restaurant.

Haruko Ishii (石井春子)- Mateo’s mother. She is a house wife and helps her husband with his restaurant.

Sara Ishii (石井冴楽) – Mateo’s younger sister. She’s a High school student.

Linda Ng – Lori’s best friend from high school. Sweet and pretty. She studies at an art school.

Shelly Beard – Linda’ younger sister, with the same mother, but a different father. She became Ian’s girlfriend.

Aunty Mimi – Linda’s mother.

Jody Ransom – Lori’s classmate. Of mixed ethnicity.

Susan Chung – Lori’s classmate. In love with Shane.

Shane McLaren – Lori’s classmate. He’s in love with Lori and pursues her relentlessly.

Joe Williams – Linda’s boyfriend.

Alain (Alan) Situ – Cool guy in Lori’s biology class. Always wears black.

Alouette (Alice) Situ – Alan’s older sister. Tall, skinny, good-looking.

Evan LeMec – Alan’s childhood friend and best friend. Blonde, tall, and always wears the formal school uniform. In love with Alan’s sister.

David Patel – Only in Lori’s biology class. He often saves her a seat and lends her his notes.

Nick Carter – The only ‘friend’ Mark has in class. He’s a druggie and skips classes often.

Chihu Sumun – Class rep of Lori’s class. Has the highest grade in the whole class.

Eddie Luu – Steve’s best friend in class and gets good grades because of Steve.

Daiana Kathrine Carro – Steve’s current girlfriend. She also depends on Steve to get good grades.

Kathy (Kat) Emerson – A transfer student in Lori’s class in second semester. She is Steve’s ex girlfriend and relentlessly pursues Mark.

Nathan Furst – A family doctor and Alice’s fiancé.

Nigel Furst – A bum on the street who happened to know about Mark, Alan and Lori.

Lucien Magnus – Mark’s Avisor from the organisation he works for.

Sam – Mark’s trainer for his brief but intense training. He’s a retired missionary and over-weight.

Professor Kwan – The youngest professor at Felix Martin University. He teaches calculus. Was a class clown in his school days.

Professor White – Teaches Materials Science. He makes a conscious to remember all his students’ names and encourages them to be friends with each other.

Professor Halls – Teaches first year Biology. He is nice and accommodating to students. Alan’s step father.

Professor Polish – Physics professor who always wears dress shirt and black dress pants. Early forties. Unpredictable personality, and very strict with students.

Professor Kokovich – Chemistry professor. Very picky with the way students hand in their assignments.

Felix Martin – A world-renowned English scientist who founded Felix Martin University. He is the current principle of Felix Martin University and Chair of the Intellectuals club.

Edward Situ – Alan’s father. Gangster boss.



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